GET https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/{id}/orders.json

Returns a paginated results response for all orders available for the a shop.

This endpoint requires a scope of admin as a shop owner.

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxx" -i https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/10/orders.json
Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Connection: keep-alive
ETag: "0728e2965bd03e20a7f1c33add2f8775"
Last-Modified: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 22:34:14 GMT
Cache-Control: must-revalidate, private, max-age=0
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 21:11:52 GMT
X-OAuth-Scopes: admin
  "_links": {
    "next": {
      "href": "https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/3/orders.json?page=2"
    "last": {
      "href": "https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/3/orders.json?page=290"
  "total_items": 14486,
  "per_page": 50,
  "page": 1,
  "_embedded": {
    "items": [


As an example, you can filter orders by status.

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxx" -i https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/:shop_id/orders.json?status=pending

Order entities

The items array of the orders results response is an array of order entities. A single order entity looks like follows:

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/10/orders/20.json"
    "shop": {
      "href": "https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/10.json"
    "btc:web_checkout": {
      "href": "https://checkout.bootic.net/orders/SF6A15D",
      "type": "text/html",
      "title": "Web checkout page for this order"
    "btc:web_cart": {
      "href": "http://simplelist.bootic.net/cart/SF6A15D",
      "type": "text/html",
      "title": "Web cart page to manually edit this order"
  "id": 583085,
  "shop_id": 29,
  "code": "R1C3964",
  "status": "closed",
  "net_total": 29990,
  "total": 33704,
  "created_on": "2013-10-19T11:06:18",
  "updated_on": "2013-10-19T11:20:14",
  "pending_on": "2013-10-19T11:22:23",
  "closed_on": "2013-10-19T11:23:10",
  "shipped_on": null,
  "shipping_total": 3714,
  "shipping_description": "Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, San Antonio",
  "discount_total": 100,
  "tracking_code": null,
  "courier_name": null,
  "shipped_email_sent": false,
  "closed_email_sent": true,
  "total_weight_in_grams": 1400,
  "payment_info": {
    "type": "webpay",
    "name": "Webpay",
    "auth_code": "123456787",
    "transaction_id": "111122211"
  "fulfillment": {
    "fulfillment_method": "shipping"
  "_embedded": {
    "address": {
      "street": "Av. Brasil 20",
      "street_2": "4to piso",
      "locality_name": "Valparaiso",
      "region_name": "Valparaiso",
      "country_name": "Chile",
      "postal_code": null,
      "country_code": "CL",
      "lat_long": "-33.045644,-71.620364"
    "contact": {
      "name": "Joe Perk",
      "email": "joe-perk@gmail.com",
      "phone_number": "12345677",
      "rut": "156422222222"
    "promotion": {
      "name": "Summer discount",
      "discount": 100,
      "discount_type": "$",
      "free_shipping": false
    "discounts": [

    "line_items": [
        "_links": {
          "product": {
            "href": "https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/29/products/130924-tinto"
        "product_id": 31166,
        "product_title": "130924 Tinto",
        "unit_price": 29990,
        "units": 1,
        "discount_total": 100,
        "net_total": 29990,
        "total": 29890,
        "product_weight_in_grams": 1400,
        "weight_in_grams": 1400,
        "variant_id": 66501,
        "variant_title": "39",
        "variant_sku": "SXDD3",
        "requested_units": 1,
        "_embedded": {
          "discounts": [
              "class": [
              "amount": 100,
              "description": "Super offer!"
          "image": {
            "class": [
            "links": {
              "thumbnail": {
                "href": "http://cdn.bootic.net/29/thumbnail/73763-_MG_4360.JPG"
              "small": {
                "href": "http://cdn.bootic.net/29/small/73763-_MG_4360.JPG"
              "m": {
                "href": "http://cdn.bootic.net/29/medium/73763-_MG_4360.JPG"
              "large": {
                "href": "http://cdn.bootic.net/29/large/73763-_MG_4360.JPG"
              "original": {
                "href": "http://cdn.bootic.net/29/original/73763-_MG_4360.JPG"
            "file_name": "_MG_4360.JPG",
            "title": ""

Query string filters

Parameter name Description Example Default value Allowed values
q Full text search “?q=shoes”    
page Page number “?page=20” 1  
per_page Orders per page “?per_page=20” 30  
status Order status , comma-separated “?status=closed,shipped” “all” all, checkout, pending, closed, shipped, invalid, successful
code Order code “?code=RES21W”    
product_id Product ID “?product_id=32221122”    
payment_method Payment method slug “?payment_method=webpay”    
created_on_gte Created on greater or equal “?created_on_gte=2013-01-02”    
created_on_lte Created on less or equal “?created_on_lte=2013-02-02”    
updated_on_gte Updated on greater or equal “?updated_on_gte=2013-01-02”    
updated_on_lte Updated on less or equal “?updated_on_lte=2013-01-02”    
pending_on_gte Pending on greater or equal “?pending_on_gte=2013-01-02”    
pending_on_lte Pending on less or equal “?pending_on_lte=2013-01-02”    
closed_on_gte Closed on greater or equal “?closed_on_gte=2013-01-02”    
closed_on_lte Closed on less or equal “?closed_on_lte=2013-01-02”    
shipped_on_gte Shipped on greater or equal “?shipped_on_gte=2013-01-02”    
shipped_on_lte Shipped on less or equal “?shipped_on_lte=2013-01-02”    
net_total_gte Net total, greater or equal (cents) “?net_total_gte=3000”    
net_total_lte Net total, less or equal (cents) “?net_total_lte=4000”    
shipping_total_gte Shipping total, greater or equal “?shipping_total_gte=1000”    
shipping_total_lte Shipping total, less or equal “?shipping_total_lte=4000”    
discount_total_gte Discount total, greater or equal “?discount_total_gte=3000”    
discount_total_lte Discount total, less or equal “?discount_total_lte=5000”    
total_gte Total, greater or equal “?total_gte=3000”    
total_lte Total, less or equal “?total_lte=5000”    
lat_long Shipping Latitude,longitude pair “?lat_long=0.54322222,1.4444422”    
distance Radius distance from lat_long “?distance=10km” “5km” Distance expressions, ie. “1km”, “34km”
sort Order sort column “?sort=created_on.desc” created_on.desc created_on.asc, created_on.desc, updated_on.asc, updated_on.desc, pending_on.asc, pending_on.desc, closed_on.asc, closed_on.desc, shipped_on.asc, shipped_on.desc

Successful status.

GET https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/123/orders?status=successful

The successful status maps internally to any orders with statuses closed or shipped. Use this when you need to query for any successful status.


Orders that have been closed since

GET https://api.bootic.net/v1/shops/123/orders?status=successful&closed_on_gte=2016-05-10&sort=closed_on.asc

The query above will fetch any orders in any successful state that have been closed since 2016-05-10. Your system can use this if it needs to periodically synchronize order data.